Life Skills Program

Why the Life Skills Program?

More than 94,000 households in Ottawa & Kent counties are living in survival mode – making more than the poverty level but still unable to afford the basics for where they live.

By joining the Life Skills Program, individuals and families have the opportunity to shift out of survival mode and grow their capacity to thrive – financially, relationally and spiritually.

This weekly, long-term program valued at $14,000 offers local families the ability to achieve their personal goals by learning how to better handle finances and relationships, pay off debt, build up emergency savings, and more – all while being surrounded by a Christ-following community.

This relational ministry creates a space so fewer people in our community have to struggle in isolation. As we walk with each other, we get to see how God uses community to transform lives.

The Life Skills Program also is a place where many people learn new skills through our catalog of classes. The community that is built within the program and the connections made outside the program can be life changing. 

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Resources Available to Participants in the Life Skills Program

-Weekly Groceries (including meat, dairy, diapers)

-Household non-food items (laundry soap, toilet paper, personal care items)

-Clothing (seasonally for children, twice a year for adults)

-Blankets & Bedding


-Oil Change

-Household items

-Test & Repair of appliances


-Minor home repairs


-Community Christmas

-Back-to-school supplies & clothing

-Winter wear

-Professional Counseling

-Housing Subsidy (monthly reimbursement – application needed)


We offer a variety of classes: financial literacy, Boundaries, Healthy Eating, Relationships, Bible Studies, Personal growth, Gardening, and more are taught by volunteers

Story of Transformation

To Find Out More About Life Skills or to Sign Up:

Call or text our Connection Center at 616-662-3300.

Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

Email our team at

[email protected]