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Love Your Neighbor is a family support center that offers a practical path of hope for under-resourced families in Hudsonville, Jenison, and Grandville, Michigan.

Love Your Neighbor is a connection center that offers a practical path of hope
to under-resourced families in Hudsonville, Jenison, and Grandville.

We work to create communities where everyone is welcome,
we give and receive freely … and God brings about transformation.

Our Mission

Following Jesus Christ, who transforms lives, we equip our community to love, serve, and connect with dignity.


Working together, we value every contribution. (1 Corinthians 12)


We believe every person bears God’s image, and therefore has value. (Genesis 1:26-27)


Assuming the best, we lead with extending favor. (2 Corinthians 1:12)


We value and seek other perspectives. (Philippians 2:3-4)


We are persistent in all efforts to achieve our mission. (Hebrew 6:10-11)


We all have needs to be filled and gifts to give, but shame and stigma often keep us from both. Our connection center works hard to be a safe place in our community, honoring every individual as a gift from God. There is no disgrace in asking for help.


Community is the place where life happens. When we recognize that everyone has something to give and everyone has something they need, we can live in community that offers a place where everyone can thrive.


We know that God transforms lives, and He often does it through community. Love Your Neighbor is about making space for God to bring about true transformation in hearts, lives, and families.


Love Your Neighbor is the first step towards
resources, programs, and connections


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Rebuilding Their Family

Rebuilding Their Family

Karla, an upper-class, 19-year-old, was struck with shock when she and Donald, her lower-class, 21-year-old husband, were showered with cash. With lack of money management skills, the couple became excitedly overwhelmed when a large influx of cash landed in their laps from Donald’s military deployment.

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Changing the Legacy for Their Children

Changing the Legacy for Their Children

Pregnant and nineteen, Nicky Hamilton and her unborn baby’s father, Chris, were thrown into adulthood and forced to manage life on their own. In an attempt to relieve societal and economical pressure, they got married and moved out of their parents’ houses.  Clinging...

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Celebrating a Loan Program Resource for Life Skills Families

Celebrating a Loan Program Resource for Life Skills Families

We are so fortunate for the opportunity to launch a loan program to relieve Life Skills participants of high interest rates and overwhelming debt. Loans are applicable to participants in our Life Skills Program, once they complete their eight-week financial literacy...

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The Stepping Stones to Success

The Stepping Stones to Success

Love Your Neighbor’s Donation Center “It is encouraging knowing that everything we donate goes back into the community”, said Meika. Not only were Meika’s donations circulating back through the community, but her children began to understand that the resources they...

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The Rebuilding of a Family

The Rebuilding of a Family

Olga tried to imagine the idea of raising her daughters alone, separated from her husband. The initial fear crippled her and the pressure to stay was unbearable. She felt stuck, no longer recognizing herself in her Florida home. Tunnel vision overpowered and after...

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