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Love Your Neighbor is a family support center that offers a practical path of hope for under-resourced families in Hudsonville, Jenison, and Grandville, Michigan.


Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is a community where individuals learn practical life management skills, discover their God-given gifts and abilities, and connect with a supportive community, through financial education and peer support.

Participants in the Life Skills Program earn ongoing resources, such as weekly groceries (including meat and dairy), gas, oil changes, diapers and wipes, furniture and home goods, a housing subsidy, a peer support, professional counseling, haircuts, and more.

What will I learn?

A variety of classes and opportunities are available on topics such as:

  • Financial Literacy/Budgeting
  • Parenting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Stress Management
  • Working toward specific goals through a mentor relationship
  • And more

What about my kids?

We designed the Life Skills Program with families in mind. We offer free childcare during Life Skills by trained volunteers, both day and evening class times to accommodate varying work schedules, and caring teams to serve both you and your children. The whole program was created to be a supportive community for your entire family.

“I am very grateful and appreciative for all of the support and help that Love has given my child and me over the past year. I was not someone that liked to open up to others and mostly kept to myself and found it very hard to ask for help for anything. Love made me realize that I don’t need to carry the burdens all alone and there was no shame in asking for help. Everyone was very caring and supportive of me during my journey through all the classes and someone always available to talk to when I needed it for any reason.

They have helped restore my faith in God and ensured that I had the proper tools for taking control of my finances and knowledge of how to budget and about healthy and unhealthy relationships among other teachings. They also helped us with clothing and food and financially when we needed it most as well as a placement with a mentor to help guide me on my way to taking back control over my life and faith in God.”

Life Skills Program Graduate

Simply Giving Food.

Simply Giving Food.

"Flashback to a little over two years ago when our family was surviving on fast food drive-thru, ramen noodles and prepackaged snacks. Wendy's 4 for $4 made it cheaper for our family of five to eat out rather than cook at home.   We joined Love Your Neighbor's...