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Jodi Cole Meyer

Executive Director
[email protected]

Melissa Clay

Director of Relational Ministries
[email protected]

Tarah Painter

Connection Center Coordinator
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Upcoming Training(s)

Serving With Dignity – 2023 Schedule

Register for a small group study that helps you better relate and show dignity to those in your neighborhood and beyond.

Monday Evenings
January 16th – February 27th (once a week for 7 weeks)
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Love Your Neighbor | 3300 Van Buren Street, Hudsonville

Tuesday Mornings

January 17th – February 28th (once a week for 7 weeks)
8:30am – 10:00am
Love Your Neighbor | 3300 Van Buren Street, Hudsonville

Contact Melissa Clay ([email protected]) to save your seat.

It’s only $35 for the entire class! We’d love to grow and be challenged with you.

Serving With Dignity 2022

Our Connection Center

We can support your church when someone is seeking support.

Contact our Connection Center at (616)662-3300 or [email protected].

Our offices are located at 3300 Van Buren Street in Hudsonville.

Host a food drive with your church family

We are happy to drop off a trailer and signage to help your church family collect food/non-food items. Please get in touch with our Food Pantry Coordinator, Maya.

Food Pantry Hours: Monday-Thursday (8am-noon).

If the pantry is closed, please drop off food/hygiene items to door D2.

Maya Gudbrandson

Maya Gudbrandson

Food Pantry Coordinator

Accessible Housing

How we want to help:

  • Love Your Neighbor, in conjunction with Churches and Jenison Public Schools, seeks to identify a network of landlords who will help us address the critical need for Accessible Housing for families engaged in our Life Skills Program.
  • The participants of our Life Skills Program are investing in a community, taking classes, and working toward stability. 
  • We are actively seeking local landlords who are willing to collaborate with us to provide Accessible Housing to families in our Life Skills Program. 

Over 40% of our community live paycheck to paycheck. Most of these families can’t afford safe housing. We want to walk alongside them to address their housing distress while they are engaged in our Life Skills Program.

Will you partner with us?

Get in touch with Melissa Clay if you want to take this step toward accessible housing with us: [email protected]