A Letter Of Thanks

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Stories of Transformation

“The Life Skills Program was a huge blessing to our family. Having 4 very young kids and struggling with living paycheck to paycheck we were unsure what to do.

The support we received was outstanding, the weekly groceries and hygiene supplies helped us save money so we could pay off all our debts. The Stuff the Bus and Christmas shopping event brought joy to our children and gave us even more opportunities to put money towards getting out off debt. 

The entire team at Love was so caring and supportive. There were times it was hard to continue going on. I had surgery during the program and we had a period when all of our kids were sick. Love and the Life Skills staff was so understanding and never stopped encouraging us to keep going. 

I’m so glad we stuck with it and pulled through the hard times! 

We were able to get assistance repairing our family van and learned so many budgeting tips and skills from our support team! Our peer support was amazing and I really enjoyed the classes. We learned all types of different life topics through the classes as well as learning how to budget and save money! 

Our kids loved the childcare so much and looked forward to it weekly. It became a regular part of our weeks and we all will miss it so much! Even though it was a tough beginning for our son, he eventually came around and made so many friends! The staff all quickly began to feel like a big supportive family! I appreciate my talks with Wendy and not having to fear judgment for anything going on in our life! 

We saw God at work in so many ways. During the formula shortage I spent the entire day driving store to store all over Ottawa and Kent county, in tears, with no luck finding my daughter’s formula. That evening when we came to the program there were 6 donated sample cans of our daughter’s formula waiting for us with our order. I hadn’t said anything to anyone at Love about the day I had or my search. It was a miracle and God’s reminder of His care and Love for us. 

We will greatly miss the Life Skills Program, it is bittersweet graduating. It ended up being so much more than I expected! Thank you to everyone at Love!”