Transformation Through Faith and Community

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Stories of Transformation

The name in this story is changed, but the transformation through Christ is real. 

Samantha, a mom of three, came to Love through a partnership with a local public school. Unsure what the next few months were going to look like, she was hesitant to join the Life Skills Program. 

That soon began to change after attending the program, meeting the volunteers, and being around Love’s campus. 

“This is a space where I know I am welcome and respected,” Samantha shared.

While in the program, she took every course offered. 

Samantha was learning how to manage and budget her money where she explained, “I had the wrong mindset about my finances. Through everything my family went through we weren’t left with much. So any little money I had was to pay bills and even then it wasn’t enough. But now I am actually thinking about budgeting in a smarter way.” 

One of the greatest things she gained while in the program was the relationships she built. While creating these new relationships, Samantha was closing past unhealthy ones. Where she used to receive judgment, she was now met with love, joy, and dignity. 

During her time in the program, a former Life Skills family invited her and her family to church. Once surrounded by a supportive community, she began to see how the love of Christ can truly be transformational. Her healthy relationships allowed her to grow emotionally and spiritually. The power of this community changed the trajectory of her life. 

Through the encouragement of her peer support, Samantha was able to upgrade the bike she was using to get around to a car donated to Love. As she was continuing to step into these new relationships and seasons in her life, she moved into Love Your Neighbors Triplex. While Love was helping out with her car’s oil changes and gas, her peer support family was helping her move into her new home. The support of her community was “too great for words” she said. 

Through her faith, relationships within Love Your Neighbor, and her perseverance, Samantha graduated from the Life Skills Program. Because of her community showing her the love of Christ, she has been able to find a way where she can give back, and use her skills and passions to share that love and support with others. She is now working towards becoming a trauma therapist.

Throughout her time in the program, Samantha was able to re-establish her faith, set healthy relational and monetary boundaries, and embrace the love Christ has shown her to turn and show that to others.