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Wendy’s Story: Restoring Hope

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It’s hard to believe that people in our own community are struggling to make ends meet.

When you hear the statistic that 40% are living paycheck to paycheck, however, it makes you wonder about your neighbors.

Wendy is closer than a neighbor, she is a member of the Love family. Wendy joined our staff back in 2019. But before she came on staff, she was a participant in the Life Skills Program and her journey to get to the program is a clear testament of God’s provision.

Before Wendy was introduced to Love, she was living in Grand Rapids. After a horrible housing situation, Wendy found herself living in a friend’s basement, over an hour away from Wendy’s job. Shame started to set in.

At the same time, a friend at work, Mike, led devotions each day with the staff. Wendy attended and shared her struggles with the group. Mike then mentioned that he knew of a couple who rents out their basement apartment. Just weeks later, Wendy was able to move in. Hope was building!

She needed this time and space to rejuvenate her spirit. She also needed the guidance of the couple she was living with, who were donors to Love.

They were very familiar with the ministry and told Wendy about the Life Skills Program. She called Love and joined the program. Wendy shared, “it was all of these people being placed in my life that led me to Love.”

After spending one year in the program, Wendy graduated. Her shame was subsiding, and was replaced with hope and dignity. On the same day of Wendy’s graduation, she was attending the mentor training so she could walk alongside someone in the program.

The leader of the mentor training shared, “It’s inspiring to have a graduation happen on the same night as mentor training.

Watching someone in training also be one of the graduates sharing their testimony is humbling.

Wendy reminded us that any of us can find ourselves in a situation where we need the support of Life Skills, and any of us can use the gifts God has given us to walk with someone else.”

Although Wendy graduated, she kept coming to the program. “I’m still here and it was just natural, that’s how Love made me feel. It was just so natural and my relationship with the Lord grew immensely, he made it clear I was supposed to be here.”

This is where God drew Wendy closer to Love.

She was approached by the directors and was offered a full-time, paid position as a Life Skills Program Leader.

Now, just three years later, Wendy helps lead the program for the ministry and invites staff in a time of devotions and prayer each morning.

Because people stepped into a relationship with Wendy where real, long-term, authentic connection was built Wendy found hope. And that led her to Love.


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