A Story of Provision in our Food Pantry

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Church Partners

The end of Summer and early Fall can be a difficult time for donations for the food pantry. We have struggled to find partners to be willing to host food drives as they have already received so many asks from the community.
As we were facing a difficult time deciding on what we would need to cut in order to be able to supply everything needed for our families, Ridgewood CRC and Bauer CRC stepped up and provided us with over 167 Meijer bags with essential items needed to feed our families.
These food drives, along with others are what keep our food pantry thriving all year long. The food is what bridges the gap for our families from week to week, this allows us and the church the opportunity to show the love, grace, and joy available to them through Jesus.
Love In the Name of Christ provides food for 60 families in the community each week. Without a full food pantry we are unable to offer this opportunity which would leave our neighbors with an empty pantry. Local churches, organizations, schools and other groups have continued to show us how the Lord provides in our times of need through their willingness to host a food drive.
Our team will supply your group with reusable Meijer bags with a list of our critical needs attached for you to fill and bring back. A food drive with Love INC is as simple as that!
If you are interested in hosting a food drive for Love In the Name of Christ, sign up at the following link!