Jerry Mohr – A Shining Star at Love’s Treasures Resale Shoppe

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Volunteer

April is National Volunteer Month when we recognize the contribution of those who volunteer at Love In the Name of Christ.

Jerry Mohr can be found each Monday morning at Love’s Treasures Resale Shoppe in the backroom shining and repairing shoes. Jerry has been serving in this area at the store for over 5 years. When asked if shoe repair was something he enjoyed before coming to join the volunteer team, Jerry calmly replies, “No, however, no one was doing this job so I said I will do it as it helps the ministry!” Now he enjoys working with the various shoes that come into our donation center. He has seen a lot of shoes and styles come across his work counter. Everything from sandals from foreign countries to the latest 3-inch heels is carefully inspected by Jerry before going to the sales floor.

Jerry’s attitude of service for ministry is a blessing on the Love INC campus. What began as a simple shoe shine before the shoes go out has now expanded to shoe repair and cleaning. Jerry has discovered a wide array of products and solutions to improving the quality of the shoes we sell in our store. If you ever wonder why our products look as nice as they do it is because in the background are men and women, like Jerry, that make sure our items are ready for resale.

We receive weekly, over 100 shoes, sometimes that many in one day! Jerry is our only volunteer who currently cleans, repairs and polishes shoes. From his corner in the prep room, he enjoys the company of other volunteers. Together they share coffee, reflect on the times and celebrate birthdays around the break table.

Jerry Mohr is one of many people who bless our ministry. If you would like more information on volunteering at Love INC please go to our website and check out our volunteer page for more information:

We would be happy to find a place for you to serve!