Micah’s House

by | May 18, 2021 | Community Partners

There are so many hidden gems within our community. Each day, I think I learn about something new that is tucked away either in a church, a group of neighbors, or just hidden in plain sight. My hope is to be able to bring light to these treasures in our community. Recently, I learned about Micah’s House.

What is your first thought when you hear Micah’s House? Does it sound like a transitional home? Does it sound like a store? I can’t remember my original thought, but after finding out what this house consists of, I remember being blown away. Blown away by the amount of intentionality and dignity that exists within our community. The pure-heartedness of the Church and those who are loving, serving and connecting within this community each day. 

Micah’s House is literally a house full of clothing. Each room of this house is filled with nicely organized, good quality items for the community. The purpose for this house is to supply clothing to those who reach out and could benefit from it. Whether it be a nice outfit for an interview, a coat for the winter, or just clothes to make sure their family has the staples necessary to fill their closets and get dressed each day, Micah’s House provides.

This house is completely volunteer run and by referral only. The majority of the clothing is supplied by Love’s donation center. We see an incredible amount of great quality clothing come through our doors each day and this is the perfect way to make sure they are being recycled and shared with the community. 

Love partners with various organizations, churches and community groups to make sure that the community knows that Micah’s House is a resource for anyone. The Call Center connects any neighbor seeking clothing to the volunteers at Micah’s House. The individuals or families are able to go in and shop for what they need. They are even able to try it on to make sure they like it. There have been various connections made, including victims of a house fire that lost everything. They were able to connect with Love and shop at Micah’s House to replenish their clothing staples as they recovered from losing everything, including their home. 

During this time of unprecedented events, we have seen a large decline in neighbors reaching out for clothing. Therefore, we have a large amount of clothing and want to be sure to share with the community that it is available for those who need it! 

Could you or someone you know benefit from Micah’s House? Reach out to Love’s Call Center today at 616-662-3300 x 128 or [email protected] or reach out to Georgetown CRC at (616) 669-5180.

Interested in donating to Micah’s House? Contact Georgetown CRC at (616) 669-5180 to donate today. Some of the biggest needs are brand new and packaged underwear of all sizes and styles, bras for women of all sizes, clothing size 3x for women, shoes of all sizes and styles.