Never Underestimate The Help You Give

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Stories of Transformation

An ironic story led a recent Life Skills graduate out of a financial struggle. He also gained two mentors who became new friends who he taught and poured into just as much as they did for him.

Dave*, a loyal Love INC shopper encouraged a friend to join the Life Skills Program; not even realizing he could use the support as well. The gentleman that Dave mentored had recently been released from prison and needed financial assistance, resources and a community.

Dave was motivated to seek help from the Life Skills Program when he hit a season of struggle as well. Dental bills started piling up leaving him with significant debt, and living paycheck to paycheck, like 40% of our community.

Dave and his Life Skills mentor journeyed together through goal setting and financial saving. His mentor also led him in prayer and processing during their time together. Eventually his debt stopped smothering him, and he had a sense of hope.

But even as the burden of financial struggle became lighter, Dave was still burdened by his daughter’s recent cancer diagnosis.

As friends, Dave and his mentor faithfully prayed for his daughter to overcome cancer. This meant the world to Dave, celebrating that there is “power in prayer”.

That is not where Dave’s story ends while in Life Skills.

Dave gave back to the ministry by sharing his experience in teaching and counseling with his two mentors. Yes, Dave had two mentors. Not because he needed extra help, but because the three of them used this time to pour into each other and learn from one another. His second mentor was new to volunteering and asked to join them. The three of them used this time to pour into each other, learning and laughing with one another.

Throughout the time spent in Life Skills, there was mutual contribution between mentor and mentee. As a result, the door was open for transparent conversation and stronger relationships between the three men.

Dave continued to express how supporting the program was, post-graduation, in hopes that he could help even more people in the community. In addition, he understood the importance of listening to those who openly share their story and struggle. Growing from what he heard and not taking away someone else’s contribution. Dave intentionally thought and listened in a dignified away.

Dave wants to thank the groups of Love INC supporters. For the volunteers who are essential to Life Skills, the relational and operational staff and volunteer teams.

Dave is also grateful for the individuals who donate funds and items. Without Love’s Treasures and the Outback Resale Shoppes Dave would have been unaware of the resources available. He is genuinely thankful for their time and treasures they give to the ministry and is reminded of 1 John 3:17 ‘But whoever has this worlds goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his feelings of compassion from him, how can the love of God be dwelling in him?’

Even though Dave is a graduate of Life Skills, he still attends weekly classes to stay connected and learn from those in that community. We are hopeful that an opportunity arises where Dave can teach and mentor future Life Skills participants.

We pray that all of the Life Skills participants feel that they also have skills and traits to offer and feel their sense of contribution within their community.


*The names have been changed to protect the participant’s privacy.