Annual Report | 2021

Formerly Love In the Name of Christ of SE Ottawa County and the City of Grandville.

Dear Faithful Partners and Friends,

Thank you for following Jesus Christ, who transforms lives, by making it possible for us to equip our community to love, serve and connect with dignity. We get to see the miracle of transformation by joining in a community that is centered on God’s command to love him and love our neighbors.

Your financial gifts make it possible to strengthen and grow this community, spreading the amazing message of hope found in the gospels.

The Bible is filled with accounts of just how transformative following Jesus was. We hope that throughout the next few pages you read and experience that Jesus is still transforming the community through your partnership.

During this Christmas season we ask for your prayerful consideration to support Love Your Neighbor with your financial gifts.

You are making a difference 
in your community.

Following Jesus

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to follow in the physical footsteps of Jesus. I wonder if he moved slowly, looking at everything and everyone around, or if he walked with purpose, challenging everyone to keep up with him. I wonder if I would be surprised at the places he stopped, and the people he talked to.

I wonder just how different I would be after
following him.

The Bible is filled with accounts of just how transformative following Jesus was and is. Stories of people pushed out of community welcomed back in. Stories of despised people finding love in Jesus’ eyes and words. Stories of sick & broken people made whole and well.

Here at Love, this is our mission: to follow Jesus Christ, who transforms lives. We seek to walk alongside every child of God, seeing with Jesus’ eyes the person he created and loves. We get to see the miracles of transformation

I hope that you see on these pages that following Jesus is the only way that we get to witness hope and healing.

And I hope that you will consider joining us. Your financial gift makes it possible to strengthen and grow this community, and to spread the amazing message of hope.

who transforms lives

Robin joined the Life Skills Program eight years ago as a teacher. “I learned to love the participants that came through the classes and I thought maybe I should be a peer support and so I decided to give that a try.”

It wasn’t until Robin dove into the program through teaching and being a peer support that she changed her perspective. Dignity Serves was a catalyst to begin her transformation. She learned that she was not here to serve others, but also receive love.

“I had to really examine myself and my motives about being a peer support, what does that mean?”

Throughout Robin’s eight years with Love, she has journeyed with many different peers.

“It’s been a partnership I love because we’re all on a journey in different places at different times & we need that interdependence and dignity that we all have in the image of God.

we equip

“Dignity Serves radically shifted our mindset, so as Parent Liaisons we can better partner with the families in our district. Dignity Serves has allowed us to view every situation through an asset based lens,” – Mary Veldink, Parent Liason

went through
Dignity Serves.

our community

to love,

We love our neighbor because they are created in the image of God, who loves and delight in them.
We follow 1 Corinthians 13:7,

“love always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.”

We seek to protect and advocate for the dignity of every person.

We trust that people are created with gifts and passions that God gave them for a purpose.

We hope that each participant, each church, each volunteer, each staff member, each donor will experience God’s promise of a new life.

We perservere with long-term relationships, understanding that God moves at different speeds that we expect and that our relationships are the context for his transformative power.

We continually learn how to better love our neighbors. Join us on this journey of God’s transformation!


568 current volunteers
33,414 volunteer hours
98 new volunteers


“so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others,” Romans 12:5.


Shawn’s Story:

Shawn is a single dad with two elementary-aged kids. A few years ago, he found himself in a time of uncertainty and fear.

Someone in his life mentioned that they were receiving support from Love.

“I figured maybe it was a one-time thing where they gave you some food from a food pantry, so I figured I would check it out. I never would have thought there was a place that would help people out so much, everything from food to gas to appliances at home, sending my kids to camp, and much more. I was overwhelmed with the amount of help and support I received from Love.”

Shawn joined the Life Skills Program and was partnered with his peer support, Mark.

“Through this period of time, I paid off a lot of debt and reduced bills with Mark’s help, we accomplished a lot together, he was a great mentor and he says we mentored each other.

Mark wanted to plug into the Life Skills Program because it was a ministry his church supported. “We kept each other accountable, we set spiritual goals together, mental goals, physical goals, financial goals, and really it was collaborative.”

Shawn and Mark learned, together, to rely on God, on each other, and on themselves through whatever life may throw their way.

In 2021 We Celebrated…

Opening a
new resale shop
in Grandville.

to better serve our community.

Life Skills with a
more local focus

In 2022 we are looking forward to following Jesus and…

Sharing Life Skills with more community members.

Partnering with local churches & organizations to offer accessible housing opportunities.

Creating space on campus for community connection.

Our Vision Statement:

Love Your Neighbor seeks to show the love of God by connecting and preparing the community to utilize the assets and needs of every person to create a place where all are welcome and may thrive.