A Journey to Becoming Debt Free.

by | May 23, 2023 | Stories of Transformation

Paul joined the Life Skills Program in December 2021 after falling two and half months behind on his rent. Though unsure how to pay off his debt, Paul was eager for an opportunity to learn through Love Your Neighbor’s Life Skills Program.

As he began his new journey, one of Love Your Neighbor’s church partners generously paid off Paul’s rent.

Even though it was not a “straight path to success,” as he explained it, Paul was able to pay off nearly $10,000 in debt while in the program!

Through the use of a vision board posted on his bedroom wall, he was able to stay motivated to reaching his goal of becoming debt free. Each time Paul was able to pay off a debt or hit a goal, the excitement of taking down a paper on the wall gave him what he needed to continue to work his way towards financial freedom. 

During his time in the program, Paul endured mental health issues, but was able to overcome these hurdles with the help of counseling and his peer support.

As time went on, Paul was able to see the positive effects of his hard work. After each month’s paycheck, he started to see a little extra money remaining.

After completing the courses and accomplishing his goal of becoming debt free, Paul graduated the Life Skills Program with a newfound confidence.

With help from his peer support, the Life Skills Program Leader (Wendy), and the Life Skills community, Paul was able to reach his goals all while being guided by the transformative love of Christ.

Paul is now thrilled to be coming back to the Life Skills Program to volunteer in some of his favorite classes.

“My peer support, Wendy, and all the volunteers behind the scene have been a great inspiration from the beginning, helping me see and believe that I could do it even when I wasn’t sure I could.”