The Power of Financial Stability

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Stories of Transformation

An unexpected job loss left the Snips in survival mode amidst the distress of the COVID pandemic. Living on previous COVID relief, Brittany and AJ were finally settling into their lives despite their previous financial challenges. A blessing in disguise, Brittany’s job loss allowed her to care for their three children during the pandemic.

When 2021 approached, COVID relief disappeared and AJ’s seasonal job came to a halt. Being a stay-at-home mom was no longer an option for Brittany, but neither was costly daycare. “We were living on one income for a family of five, attempting to pay off my lingering student loans, and continue to provide for our family,” reflected Brittany. 

“There were moments of panic. I knew we needed help. My brother’s family attended Love’s Program a few years prior and we were witnesses of their incredible transformation,” said AJ. “That gave us hope that Love’s program could transform our lives like it did theirs.” 

Come January 2021, the Snip family joined Love’s Life Skills Program.

They entered the program with little budgeting experience, but now they have the tools and accountability to monitor their money. “We have made huge lifestyle changes since joining the program in January, which has saved us hundreds of dollars,” mentioned AJ. “We were spending excessive amounts on entertainment and once we realized this, we made changes and our bank account began to increase.” 

The Snip’s children have built a community through Life Skills and thoroughly enjoy attending. It is also a blessing for Brittany because it is one night out of the week she does not have to provide dinner for her family. 

As program continued, the Snips were paired with their peer support John, who not only reviews their weekly budget, but who also celebrates and prays with them. “It is amazing reflecting on how God worked in our lives from week to week,” explained Brittany. “In the past, my relationship with God had its ups and downs. I thought I could do life myself. Since being in the Life Skills Program, I go to God in prayer for the small things and rely on him in seasons of hardship.”

“It is encouraging hearing our children talk about God and seeing the joy on their faces when we go to church,” mentioned Brittany. “When we tell our son, Jackson, that he “can’t do something”,” he replies with, “God is asking me to and I can do anything because of Him,” laughed AJ. 

Throughout the last six months, the Snip family has built a savings account, escaping survival mode, built their relationship with one another, and their faith has deepened. 

The Snip family has utilized Love’s food pantry and the garden class to help them save money on groceries. “Thanks to the food pantry and garden ministry, AJ had to build a pantry in our home to store our food. We have never had “extra” food in our home, so it is comforting knowing that we will never go hungry,” said Brittany. 

God has led the Snips into a community filled with hope, faith, and love. Within six months of being in Life Skills, the Snips have committed to God, introduced themselves to a loving community, and strengthened their family.