The Stepping Stones to Success

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Community Partners

Love Your Neighbor’s Donation Center

“It is encouraging knowing that everything we donate goes back into the community”, said Meika. Not only were Meika’s donations circulating back through the community, but her children began to understand that the resources they were given came from the community, which encouraged them to give back. 

Micah’s House

With help from Love, Meika’s family was connected to Micah’s House, a clothing ministry with Georgetown CRC, to pick out “new-to-them” clothing. “It is an important lesson to teach my children that when they grow out of their clothes, it is right to donate them back to the community,” mentioned Meika. 

Community Christmas

Meika and her family took advantage of Love’s annual Community Christmas event where Life Skills families are given the opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts for ALL of their family members. “It was not in our budget to buy our children Christmas gifts, so it was a blessing that Love gave us this opportunity,” explained Meika. 

Garden Ministry

Throughout Meika’s time in the Life Skills Program, she discovered her passion for gardening and joined our garden class. The garden class not only expanded Meika’s community, but it gave her the opportunity to grow her own groceries. “I was inspired to grow a small garden at my house, which ultimately saved me money,” explained Meika. 

Boundaries Class

“I was grateful for Love’s boundaries class that was embedded in the Life Skills Program because it taught me about healthy relationships and how to recognize unhealthy situations,” stated Meika. 

Healthy Relationships Class

“I was grateful to participate in the healthy relationships class because I learned how to understand boundaries and notice healthy qualities to ensure I was putting myself in positive situations,” said Meika.  

Story Class

“Attending story time during the 8-week financial literacy class taught me about God and how we fit into His story,” said Meika.

Meika began to learn about who God is and how He loves her. It became more apparent for Meika when He introduced her to, in her eyes, the perfect church. This gave her the opportunity to build a community with her kids and share the love of God with others. Meika continuously recited, “God is the upper story and we are the lower story.” Let that sink in. 

Food Pantry

Meika was fortunate to enter our program debt-free, other than her mortgage. This meant that she could focus on building her credit and saving money. “We were so thankful to receive food through Love Your Neighbor because that was one less stress I had to focus on as a parent,” stated Meika.