Rose’s Story of Hope

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Stories of Transformation

Dear friend of Love, 

As we end a long winter and begin to see trees budding and flowers starting to boom, I am reminded that God’s promise of new life means not only will our yards and forests see new life but we also get to witness the new lives that bloom in our Life Skills Program. 

Rose* is one of those new lives. She and her pre-school daughter have been coming to Life Skills for almost three months now, and although she is still in the middle of the program, and in the middle of dealing with some really difficult remnants of her previous addiction, she is showing amazing growth and transformation. She is so grateful for the resources that she is earning through the program, and has been working with her peer support to achieve her goal of finding a safe and affordable place for her and her daughter to live.  She is living a new life – she has a new community, a new way of doing things, and a new hope.

Here at Love, we get to walk this path of transformation with each participant in our program. We also hope to develop a community that has space for them. Housing in this area is difficult, even for people with ample resources. For many families in our program, it simply seems out of reach. With the support of a donor and the resources from our community, Love Your Neighbor was able to buy a duplex to address the first part of that puzzle: transitional housing for people moving from unsafe, unsustainable housing toward their “forever home”. 

The difficulties that people like Rose face are real. Thanks to the power of a God-honoring community, now the hope they have is just as real. Thank you for being a part of the community that God is using to bring hope. We are grateful for each contribution. 


Jodi Cole Meyer

Executive Director

*The name in this story has been changed, but the impact and transformation is real.