Robin’s Story of Transformation

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Stories of Transformation

Robin joined the Life Skills Program eight years ago as a teacher. “I learned to love the participants that came through the classes and I thought maybe I should be a peer support and so I decided to give that a try,” said Robin.

It wasn’t until Robin dove into the program through teaching and being a peer support that she changed her perspective. Dignity Serves was a catalyst to begin her transformation. She learned that she was not here to serve others, but also receive love.

“I had to really examine myself and my motives about being a peer support, what does that mean?” stated Robin. Throughout Robin’s eight years with Love, she has journeyed with many different peers.

“It’s been a partnership I love because we’re all on a journey in different places at different times & we need that interdependence and dignity that we all have in the image of God.” Robin explained.

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