Eye of The Storm: Part 1

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Part of my job at Love INC is recruiting volunteers. One of our biggest volunteer needs is mentors. This is a fancy word we use to describe someone – anyone- who has a heart for Jesus and a heart for others, who is willing to climb down into the hole someone else is in, and simply be a listening ear. (If you’re not sure what I mean by climbing down into a hole, check out Brene Brown’s short video). Mentors are advocates, encouragers, accountability partners, friends. They are NOT experts at finances, fixers, professional counselors, or have their entire lives together.

Life Skills Programs are simply spaces Love INC creates to bring people together. When I say people, I don’t mean an “us” and “them” group. It is a mix of people- you actually wouldn’t know who’s who- and all are hurting, broken, and gifted. Everyone there is on a journey in community, and many often discover the hope of Christ through this community. The program itself is simply a vehicle used to foster those relationships. Successfully completing the program isn’t the main goal, it’s just an added bonus. Having community members learn better ways to budget, communicate in their relationships, or take care of themselves physically and emotionally are all good things. But they aren’t the main thing.

The main thing is the connection that this program offers. God created us to be in community. During these isolating times, this is even more necessary. We see God work through our relationships, and he did not build us for the isolation many of us are facing. He also did not place the hardships in each of our lives to prove a point. That wasn’t him at all, but surely he will use it for something good because He can. And because He loves us. How can we not want to walk alongside others, as He walks alongside us, to figure out how to seek His face even more?

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