Draw Near: A Reflection on Advent

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Notes from the Executive Director

We continue on into a season of advent. A season of waiting. A season of expectation. A season of Hope. A season of Emmanuel, God with us. We continue to press inward to try to begin to understand the nearness of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The true depth at which He lives within us and around us. 

In this season, we dwell on the expectation of His nearness. We dwell on the coming of a savior. But, how often do we take time to realize that He is close and he desires and yearns to be close to us as well? 

As a campus, we are walking through an Advent devotional, and it reads this “God desires this closeness. It’s the reason “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14), to wash the stain of sin, to close the gap between darkness and Light, and to welcome us back into relationship with our Creator, and to invite us into His service.”

This past year, we have worked hard to be like Jesus and move into our neighborhoods. We have tried our best to understand the nearness and closeness that God desires. As we dwell in our neighborhoods and continue to push into the nearness that God desires, may we all desire to be near one another. To be close in spirit, in hope, in Light and in joy. May we love one another the way that God calls us to so that we may allow others to experience the nearness of God this Advent season. 

How can you draw near to one another while still staying physically distant this season? Gather a group over the phone, deliver cookies to your neighbors and friends, support a local business or organization, send cards to those you cannot be with this year. However you are seeking to connect with others this year, be reminded that God desires closeness with you!