How many of you feel like you are stuck in the waiting? Stuck not knowing where to go and not feeling led anywhere inspiring. You are not alone. You are not going to be here forever either. God is still working in the waiting. He is here with us!

The song “Seasons” by Hillsong says, “I can see the promise, I can see the future, you’re the God of seasons and I’m just in the winter. If all I know of harvest is that it’s worth my patience, then if you’re not done working God I’m not done waiting. For all I know of seasons, is that you take your time. You could have saved us in a second, instead you sent a child.”

This is the most profoundly beautiful promise one could imagine. God takes his time! He is still right here sowing the seeds that he has planted in us. Even in this season of what seems like a prolonged winter, we are growing into what God has had planned all along. 

Ecclesiastes 3 says that “there is a time for everything under the heavens …He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” We cannot fathom what God is doing, especially in the waiting. In the seasons where we feel left out, left behind, confused, or abandoned, may we be reminded that these feelings are just that, seasons! This will not be forever, and God is with us in the deepest parts of it.

Look back to the song lyrics that say “I can see the promise, I can see the future, you’re the God of season and I’m just in the Winter.” There is a new season coming. Spring is coming for you! May patience and the peace of God be yours in this season. Whatever it looks like for you, may you find comfort in knowing that everyone experiences the winter, the waiting, the valleys. There is a new season on the horizon. God promises us that always!

Listen to the song here!