What You Need to Know about Love’s Treasures

by | Aug 6, 2020 | News & Notes, Uncategorized

Did you know that anything that is donated to Love INC is a huge blessing to the whole community? It’s true! The shoppes make up about 55% of the revenue for Love INC. This means that without the shoppes and our loyal customers, Love INC would only be able to do 45% of the ministry and community engagement that we are currently doing. With the shoppes and their contribution to Love INC, we are able to equip churches to connect with their neighbors, share about our events, and welcome neighbors into our Life Skills Community. 

With this in mind, the Love INC Fashion Show was created to highlight the ministry impact of Love’s Treasures and the Outback Resale Shoppes. With the revenue from the stores, Love INC is better able to move into the neighborhood to provide resources to local churches, families and individuals. Our desire is that the Fashion Show draws others in to unlock the potential within the shoppes. The potential fashion statements, potential favorite pair of jeans, potential winter coat at just the right time. The possibilities are endless and we want the community to know about them!

The first show took place in 2019 to highlight the apparel possibilities that lay within Love’s Treasures clothing section. With the blessings of countless clothing donations flooding in our doors, we are able to offer great quality, fashion-forward clothing for our customers, as showcased in the show. 

Throughout the year, we have stylists and volunteers come in to pull clothing from the stores and create outfits that the models will wear during the show. Each season, there are endless possibilities for great fashion at a low price in Love’s Treasures! During all seasons, the Outback Resale Shoppe is home to a generous selection of off season clothing for only $1. 

Visit loveinthenameofchrist.org or the “Love’s Treasures and the Outback Resale Shoppes” Facebook page for current shoppe hours and to register for the Love INC Fashion Show! We hope to see you shopping soon.