God Sightings: How God is Working Through Response Efforts

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Each day, God shows up as the church responds to the needs in our community, helping those impacted by COVID-19.

It’s amazing to watch God work through His Church. Acting as a catalyst, Love INC has enhanced the local churches’ ability to work together, so that they can take the lead in serving families while implementing new ideas and bringing solutions to evolving needs. Love INC has the honor of unifying, equipping and mobilizing the local church in a variety of ways during this unprecedented time.

    • Grace Community Church, Fellowship CRC, and Sunrise Ministries said “yes” to opening food distribution sites at their churches to serve their neighbors.
    • Rosewood Reformed Church has been organizing volunteers to deliver bags of food to the elderly and shut-in.
    • Chapel Pointe has stepped in as a temporary food pantry for some of Love INC’s Life Skills families to pick up their regular food orders. They have also started handling dairy donations for all three food sites.
    • Alive Ministries has members willing to take in individuals or families who are unsheltered at this time.
    • Hillcrest Christian Reformed Church’s sewing team has been making hundreds of masks for healthcare workers.

God builds community and relationships during times of darkness. He provides specific people with talents and gifts to glorify His Kingdom.

Not only have the churches stepped up, but so have the schools.

    • A few weeks ago, Love INC was scrambling for cereal to fill food orders for Life Skills families. That same day, Rosewood Elementary School delivered hundreds of boxes of cereal.
    • Local teachers have also been stepping in to deliver groceries and have been volunteering at the local food distribution sites.

God carries us through discouragement and gives us peace.

Business partners and individual donors have been giving financially to provide weekly groceries to hundreds of local families.

    • We thank Meijer for pulling bulk items from their back room to help keep our food sites stocked.
    • ALTL Trucking continutes to provide a sprinter van for food pickup each day.
    • Individuals who donated meat for our families when we ran out.

God provides.

In partnership, churches and Love INC are turning ideas into action. We are meeting the community where they are. We are working together like never before to make things happen. Do we have it all figured out? Not even close. Are bigger community needs coming? Absolutely. But we keep showing up for each other, trying to follow God’s lead on the next right thing to respond to what’s happening in our local community.

This is what Love INC was made for. We exist to equip, unify and move the church. One pastor has said this pandemic could be the Church’s finest hour. We agree. There is no better time than the present for us, together, to focus on building God’s Kingdom through His Church in ways that look like Jesus.


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