Executive Director Search Update

by | Sep 4, 2019 | News & Notes, Notes from the Executive Director

The Executive Director Selection Process Has Begun:

The process started with Board, Staff and some volunteers reviewing the job description and giving input into key attributes each feel is most important. It is planned that the week after labor day a Search Team will be formed from current board members. This Search Team will finalize the Job Description as well as compile the key attributes that have been submitted by board members, staff and volunteers. The job opening will then be posted for a period of a few weeks. If the search committee feels that they have some candidates that appear to be a good fit, then interviews will start. If not, an outside recruiting firm will then be utilized to find more candidates. The final selection process will be conducted by a team of staff and board members and/or volunteers.

Please keep this entire process in your prayers as we rely on God for clear direction.