The Heartbeat Behind Our Ministry

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Stories of Transformation

What’s the “why” behind our ministry?

When we meet with individuals, church leaders and business leaders in the community we typically ask three questions:

“Are you familiar with Love In the Name of Christ?”

“Absolutely! Love INC is a great organization! We have been donating
items and have shopped there for years!”

Or another favorite:

“My grandfather/grandmother volunteers at Love INC!”

“That’s great! Thank you!”

Then we ask a second question, “When you make a purchase or donate an item for us to resell, do you know how the money is used in the organization?”

The #1 answer we hear:

“I really don’t know!”

Our Response: “You are investing in the power of HOPE – At Love In the Name of Christ our primary objective is to offer the power of Hope through Jesus Christ to people who are in a place of hopelessness.”


Through the Love INC Life Skills Program and the hope it is offering families in our community!
The third question we always ask, “Will you help us spread the word of hope through the community?”

The answer to that questions is always, “YES!”

Who would say no to help share the power of hope through Jesus Christ?

If you have been a financial partner with Love In the Name of Christ, we thank you for your investment. Your financial support helps keep our doors open for families to walk through. The resale ministry raises half of our annual budget. The rest is made up of direct gifts from donors like you.

We thank you in advance for your investment. Your dollars are making a difference in the lives of local families. They are finding hope.

“What a blessing your ministry has been for me! My driver Rose is so sweet and conscientious! I prayed and asked God to find a safe ride to my doctors’ appointments, and He answered that prayer through Love INC! I cannot wait to be able to be strong enough to give back as a Love INC volunteer!”

From Kathy V. a recipient in our Medical Transportation ministry.


This April we will celebrate Easter with our families who can testify to the power of Christ’s love in their lives. Thank you for helping us spread the word and illuminate the power of hope in Christ here in our corner of the world.

Happy Easter!

He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!