Amber’s Story

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Amber, a single parent of two, was behind on her bills, in debt, freed from an abusive marriage yet battling a deep depression.

After being a part of the Life Skills Program at Love In the Name of Christ, she speaks of her experience, saying, “The biggest thing that surprised me was that there was no judgment. It’s easy to think you’re the only one who can get in this situation, but, through the Program, I saw that there are others who are struggling like me. I learned that God is always present and that He never intended for my life to fall apart. He is here and He gives me the tools to find my way through. I’m grateful that I am now living a self-sustaining life for my children and myself. I have learned the discipline to maintain that life and have the tools to know what to do if something happens again. Overall, I can’t say enough about the wonderful transformation that has taken place in my life. I’m grateful for Love In the Name of Christ and the difference they are making in the lives of people in this community!”

To help support families and individuals, like Amber, who have decided to pursue the necessary growth and education so they may be self-sustaining once they graduate from our Life Skills Program:

Pray: Pray that Love In the Name of Christ would be well equipped to continue mobilizing local churches, supporting the church in its Biblical mandate to care for the poor in our midst.

Volunteer: Actively live out your faith by lovingly serving in your community. Join us in disciple making, reaching the lost, feeding the hungry and ultimately striving to love others like Jesus does. To take a tour and learn more, email [email protected].

Give: Your financial partnership with this ministry will enable us to expand our engagement with others like Amber as we not only feed the hungry, but educate them so they may in turn become part of the transformation that God is bringing to this community!



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