Shining God’s Light Into the Darkness

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Stories of Transformation

During prayer request time in one of our Life Skills classes, a new member raised her hand. Her husband was leaving her for another woman. Heartbroken, but willing to forgive, she requested prayer for her marriage; in the end, her husband resolved to end the marriage.

As is often the case, the children pay a significant price in these situations. The daughter in this family was dramatically impacted by the separation and impending divorce. She dropped out of sports and hobbies and she grew angry, insolent and depressed.

The daughter was invited to participate as a volunteer in an area of a Love In the Name of Christ ministry that restores old broken items and re-purposes them to new purpose and beauty – Love Restored. She found a mentor in a mature Christian woman who showed her love and mercy. Her broken and tender heart is now slowly mending.

This is just one example of how Love In the Name of Christ has been shining God’s light into the darkness in our community for over 30 years.