Right Now, I Can Participate in Changing the World

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Stories of Transformation

Love INC sat down with Pastor Larry Doornbos of Evergreen Ministries to talk about their partnership with Love INC and how, together, they’re changing the world.

What is the biggest challenge of serving in the community?

The biggest challenge is people in this area admitting they have a need. We are all broken people. At Evergreen Ministries, you don’t have to hide your shame; people know it’s a safe place to come. We’ve established this safe place through the ministries we’ve developed, which target empty and broken people, and teaching all people who are a part of this church that it’s not about you—it’s about God, others and transforming His world. We’ve established this safe place through the constant sharing of transformation that we see all around us, and inviting those who are broken to share their stories.

What is the most rewarding part of serving in the community?

The most rewarding parts are hearing stories of transformation, being part of the pathway to healing, being able to reach out to others and the partnerships—like Love INC—that can come from being part of the community.

We dedicated this past series’ offering to Love INC, holding a church-wide food drive, inviting someone from Love INC to share the transformation that is taking place and inviting our members to be a part of the life change that is happening right down the road from us. Our mission is to make passionate followers who transform the community so that God’s name is renowned and spread. We are not here to create a great church, but a great city.

We are looking forward to equipping people in their “frontlines” of life: work, neighborhood and school, and continuing to evolve and grow to help our members live a missional life—even right here in Hudsonville.

Pastor Larry Doornbos, Evergreen Ministries