The Circle of Serving

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Stories of Transformation

The circle of serving goes around and around here at Love INC. A recent graduate of our Life Skills Program told his case manager, Mary, that he wanted to give back and help support in the work of Love INC.

Little did we know how God would provide a way.

A short time later, another one of our current Life Skills participant family’s garage door broke and required an expensive part and qualified labor. Enter our Life Skills Graduate with his experience as a garage door repairman. When a community supplier of garage door parts learned how our Life Skills Graduate wished to help this family with their repair, the supplier donated the necessary parts required to complete the repair for the family. The door was repaired and the family was able to secure their garage once again – all because of the thankful and loving heart of a recent recipient of the Love INC program and the kind supplier.